13 August, 2018

Look at him Today! (Update)

To read about when Mr. H came to Opot, click HERE

I received so many concerns, words of encouragement and kind compliments regarding this little guy.    I thought an update is in order as he is doing quite well.  With abuse, a child is more likely to overcome the atrocities if at one point in their early life they were loved and cared for by someone with kindness.  Little H did have that with his mother until she gave him to a couple in the village (who offered to take him in) because she feared her abusive husband (H's father) would hurt him as he hurt her.

This was an unfortunate decision (with consequences she could not possibly have imagined or foreseen).  The "foster" parents are the ones that abused him.  For years.  When his mother was finally able rid herself of her husband, she tried to get H back, but the couple demanded $300 or else they would not give him up.  She was stuck, as there was no legality in the transfer of him, his mother was forced to try to come up with the money.

With her impoverished situation (she had 2 broken legs from her husband abuse) there was no way possible for her to pay that kind of money so H had to stay with his abusers.

In the two months H has been here, he is thriving.  He is learning the Khmer alphabet and numbers for the first time.  He is a natural water lover and swims like a fish.  He is also learning how to play with other kids because it doesn't seem he had much interaction with kids before.  He loves the animals here and has made it his job to feed some of the cats and Benji each morning.  He's extremely helpful, but we are guiding him to help out because it's fun and rewarding not because it's a job he has to do.

Here are a few photo glimpses into his life at the moment.

Baby V's last day before going to live with his mother.

Helping out watering our living wall at the preschool playground.

Yummy corn on the cob!

Making (and knocking over) a Jenga tower.

Mr. H will go home to stay with his mother for a month (or longer) during the school break.  She is in a safe place and working.  We will help them build a relationship again and continue to monitor her situation to see if it will be possible for them to be together permanently in the future.  This is one little boy who has another chance at life.  A chance to have a future free from pain and suffering at the hands of abusers.

Thank you again to all of you who allowed Mr. H into your heart.

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