02 December, 2017

Jason is that you?

I remember as a young teen watching Friday the 13th at the dual screened Landmark Drive-In in Wichita Kansas. (now named the Starlight Drive-In).  I went with my sister and her then boyfriend to watch a triple feature on a Saturday night.  Unbeknownst to me, we were not going to see the family friendly films advertised on screen #1...instead we turned in the opposite direction, to the other screen, which was showing the opposite of family friendly films; very family UNfriendly horror films.  I was mortified as I saw Friday the 13th, Chain Saw Massacre, and Nightmare on Elm Street flash upon the big screen.

With growing dread, I was submitted to film after film of unspeakable fright.  I have NEVER liked horror films, and this was uncalled for little sibling torture.  To this day, hearing a chainsaw brings me back to that scared little girl in the backseat pleading to go home, nails scraping on metal has me glancing around looking for Freddy, and a hockey mask sends chills down my spine.

Thirty-five years later and a world seemingly safely away from the Landmark Drive-In...and an old too familiar dread spread over my body as an innocent little boy brought me back to that day, a lifetime ago.

As I glanced up from assisting our youngest children eat, I froze...

There was one of the boys wearing Jason's mask, backwards, while he ate.

It seemed innocent enough, even laughable...until he got up for seconds and the mask slipped (on it's own will???) to the side of his head!

Is that recognition on his face?  How could he remember me, that was years ago.

I was as powerless today as I was so many years ago.  I couldn't get away from the fear.  I could not run screaming from the kitchen!  

As the unsuspecting children went on about their lunch, little did they know their mommy was freaking out watching Jason watch her.  How did he find her after all these years??  I'm not a fly-by-night camp counselor, Jason, I'm a full-time child care provider, there's a difference!  Jason, please don't look at me that way, tell your mother, I have never left a child unattended in the water in order to have a romantic fling.

Mrs. Voorhees, please put down the knife...Nooooooo I didn't know your son!