18 May, 2016

Heat and other Happenings

So much happening, but with minimal to no internet, it becomes impossible to blog. On top of that the heat is almost unbearable.  

We have had record highs for weeks.  It's just grossly hot.  Let's see...how do I put it...oh you know the amazing feeling on a hot summer day when you are able to dive into the crystal clear ocean? You go under the salty water and back up again.  Swimming like a free dolphin or at least trying to.  Then you emerge, exhausted from the swim and haul yourself onto the beach.  You lie there, spent, just enjoying the coolness of the water drying on your body.

Then you get up and your skin feels tight. As the water evaporated from your skin, it left behind a layer of salt, it feels stiff and you just want to take a shower in fresh water to rinse it off.  THAT's how my body feels ALL the time here!  Not like the cool ocean spray, but the salty residue that's left behind.

I shower at least 2 sometimes up to 4 times a day, just to rinse the salty sweat off.  I am soaked with sweat by 9am and my boobs have lost weight in the sauna like temperatures of my bra.  Fans  are minimal relief blowing out hot air and I find myself pushing the kids away from me all day long stating "your body is hot, I need air!".  Chetra, our 3 year old started saying, "I am so hot" all the time, and I realize he is mimicking me.

I start out each day telling myself that I am not going to comment on the heat and most days I make it all the way to breakfast without a peep...that is, if I don't run into anyone on my way there.

I guess you get the hint that it is a bit hotter than usual here, so I'll lighten the mood with some fun photo's of our day to day happenings.


Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our life.  Come back again!