25 April, 2016

My Room.

My room has taken shape over the years...from a small room filled with kids clutter to two rooms fit for an adult woman with a much needed Girls Dorm Renovation in 2014.

It fit me well for a couple of years...but then with the large sectional in the room adjoining my bedroom, it once again became a sort of playroom for the girls, with them getting very comfortable coming and going.

I needed my privacy again.  I started with the windows, as the afternoon sun is like a sauna in the room.  That helped, but the couch needed to go and so it now resides in the boys dorm.  The room stood empty for a few weeks as I just pondered what I wanted in there.

I finally found some furniture I liked in the city and once it was in, it was almost complete.  Gail Gutraudt, author of In a Rocket Made of Ice, had sent me a photo years ago and I always envisioned it on my wall.  Well, during Khmer New Year this April, my dream came true!

One of our former boys, now a young man, came home to visit and promptly went to work on the blank wall.

And then employed some of the kids to finish the other walls.

And the finished product!

Pure Comfort!!