06 January, 2015

the saga continues...

Well, had my checkup today and he took one look at my leg and said it indeed needed a skin graft.  Although the sore was doing good, it was just not going to close up and the tissue was ripe for a graft.  If we waited longer it would not be good.

The area around the sore was becoming sore from all the bandages on and off the area.

I didn't know what a skin graft consisted of, so I mentioned that I didn't have a lot of money and also didn't want to stay in the hospital over night.  He said he would do it for $50 and that it would be over in 15 minutes.

I was a bit dumbfounded and said clearly "I will be finished in 15 minutes and can take a tuktuk to my hotel?"  He said "Yes".  Really?

Well as I have learned to do over the years...just go with the flow and trust my instincts; which said to trust the doctor.  I did ask to go to the bathroom, so I could walk away from the situation and breath a little.  When I walked back into the room the doctor and 2 nurses were both in surgical scrubs.  I thought "well this is it!"

I dropped my pants so they could get at my upper thigh skin and hopped up on the table.  The thought crossed my mind that I should have worn a little nicer underwear...then I remembered that well, I don't really have any.  

As I laid on my left side the entire wall in my view was one long glass cabinet storing all the medical supplies.  One long glass cabinet that had a mirrored back.  

Yep, there I was looking back at me.  There I was, able to view the doctor inserting a needle into my thigh to numb it.  He told me it would be painful and it was, but only a little.  I guess I have become a bit impervious to pain.  As I watched him moving the needle around, the site became numb.  

Soon the needle was removed and I saw him take out a medical knife and I quickly removed my glasses, - there are some things I just don't need to see, although it was hard not to watch the now blurred profiles.  I could feel the tugging on my thigh and my imagination went wild!  I felt like I was being skinned...and literally I was.  I just kept thinking that this procedure will have a end, it will have an end, it cannot go on much longer.

And then it was over, the area bandaged up and I rolled over to my back.  The doctor walked around and showed me the small piece of skin he had removed, something I didn't not necessarily want to see especially since it looked like a piece of chicken skin.  But realizing he was just being informative (since I had asked so many questions), I figured "what the hell" and propped up on my elbows and watch him lay the piece of white thigh skin over my tanned shin.  It looked totally out of place and even more like it came from a chicken!

The area was bandaged up as well and I am not to remove the bandage for a week (when I go back in for a checkup) and not to get it wet.  It's no problem since I haven't properly showered in a month trying to keep it dry.

I paid up and walked out of the hospital less than 30 minutes after I walked in.  My tuktuk driver was waiting and earlier he had told me that he cannot see blood because he will get a sick stomach.  I joked on the drive to the hospital that I was going to remove the bandage and show him and he would say "NOOOOO, I will be sick"  ha ha

Well when I got back in the tuktuk he asked if I was okay and I told him that they cut skin from my thigh and put it on my shin.  He looked at me like I was insane.  I said I was not joking, it really happened and he looked a little green and said, "do not talk anymore" and turned around and got on his moto.  As we started to drive off on the bumpy road, I put my hand on my thigh because it felt weird and my hand came away wet; my pants were soaked in blood.  Seems that the nurses either did not put enough gauze on the sore or I'm just a heavy bleeder?

Luckily my pants were black so it wasn't noticeable, but I was bleeding all over his tuktuk's plastic seat.  I grabbed my backpack searching for anything to use and came away empty handed; there was nothing inside to absorb the blood...hmmmm, except for the backpack itself.  So, I jammed the backpack under my right butt cheek to put pressure on the wound.  My backpack is dark blue, so it didn't show.  I did not want the driver to turn around and see anything; I didn't need him to wreck on top of everything.

We got back to my hotel safely and I promptly changed my bandages putting a ton of gauze on the sore before taping it back up.  The area was still numb so I didn't feel anything.  I did take a photo of the skinless area, but I'll spare you the details!  I should have taken a photo of my mis-matched skin graft area though, it's pretty weird looking.  I have no idea what it will look like in a week.

All's okay now although it's pretty painful since the numbing has worn off.  Not sure why I didn't stop by the pharmacy and get some good ole codeine, it would come in handy right now!

There's still a chance that the graft will not adhere, but at this point I am staying positive.  That's about all anyone can do in this situation, right?

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