14 November, 2014

Big Baby part II

I feel really silly now posting about the painful stitches.  They were of course, but now below the stitches, I have a big black bruise and my lower shin is inflamed.  I believe I just bruised my shin bone, but it's up there in the top 5 most painful things I have ever felt.

Here's a photo of the culprit:

As I mentioned in the first post, the whole thing started out innocently enough - I mean, I just wanted to be queen for a moment.  Somnang's the one I finally pushed off into the water to achieve my short-lived fame as the reigning queen of the plastic blue land.  He's also the one who came running up after me right after Wayne stitched me up and jumped in the air and landed with his legs spread and fists wide in the air and said "I'm the queen!" laughing so hard.

Well today, a stayed in bed most of the day with my leg elevated.  I finally couldn't stand it any longer in my room, so I hobble to the Cafe on crutches, the kids were cracking me up saying "I'm the QUEEN!"  Even in my pain I have to laugh because as Heang said, "you did it to yourself".

Srey Pov performed Coin Therapy on me tonight.  It's an alternative medicine technique which the girls have done for me a couple of times.  It looks terrible especially on my white skin, but it doesn't hurt and it makes me feel better.

Well, here's my leg three days after:

and 5 days after:

6 days after and heading in to the Doctor!

Pretty gross huh?


Charlsie Russell said...

Yes. Do watch that, Mindy.

Bonnie G. said...

Ouch! This does look incredibly painful. I showed it to Rob, he is a bit concerned about the red area around the wound (he's worried it might become infected). Do consider going on antibiotics, if this red inflamed area doesn't get better soon. Take care!!!

Melinda said...

Thanks Bonnie, Wayne did put me on Amoxicillin just in case. It looks even worse today!

dee said...

Thank goodness you reached out for help . Stump is not a nickname you deserved. Shistimuasis test ??

Melinda said...

No Dee, Stump is not what I would like to be called! ha ha

It's almost healed and no chance of infection or shistimuasis.