20 February, 2014

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time at a place called Wat Opot there was a chicken.  This chicken was not satisfied with her nest in the chicken coop thus went about looking for the best place to lay an egg.

She pinpointed the Girls Dorm as a safe place and found a rather unusual spot right next to the hot water pot.

The problem with her newfound nest was the activity surrounding her.  As girls came and went she would cackle and crow and become distraught if all was not quiet.  Apparantly laying an egg requires quiet concentration. 

She then decided that next to the hot water pot was actually not so good, she may have found out that one of her potential offspring was abducted by Srey Nou as she strategically placed one of the eggs in the hot water pot, boiled it, and had herself a nice snack…I found this out after I prepared my instant coffee and to my confusion, saw bits of egg floating in it.

One day I came into my room and found my clothes all over the floor.  I knew I didn’t make that mess and first thought the cats had a go round in my cabinet…

but then I looked a bit closer.

I would randomly catch her in the act in her new nesting place leaving me a treat each afternoon.  This process went on for a few weeks.

But then she must have told her sisters because soon it was like an easter egg hunt most days and the sisters were not too particular where they laid their eggs!  They continued to use my clothes as their nesting place, but also Sokah’s bed…

The girl’s hair tie bowl…

But alas, all good things must come to an end and as we are closing down the current chicken project, Henny Penny, Clucky Lucky and Chicken Little have left our property and the girls dorm is once again only filled with females without feathers.

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