20 November, 2013

Tea anyone?

We received a little glass tea set in the mail from a family who visited us a while back.  Knowing that putting it in with our other ‘toys’ the fragile pieces would become broken rather quickly, I put it in our café and when the ‘coast was clear’ (i.e. only seeing a few kids hanging around) I motioned for them to quietly come into the café.

Once in, I guided them to the table where I had filled the glass items with tea, sugar and milk.  Shushing their squeals, I motioned for them to sit and have their tea party.

As usual around here word spreads, don’t ask me how anyone found out since the only people who knew this was happening were all inside a locked café. I honestly think these children have mental telepathy, seriously! 

I limited the tea party to 4 at a time and after a few hours; I think most were able to share in the fun as I hurried to keep the little tea pitcher, milk pitcher and sugar bowl filled!


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