09 April, 2013

creepy crawlies

I ran across some photo’s from last year when Fiona visited WatOpot once again.  Pending another earthquake in her hometown of Christchurch, NZ, we anxiously awaited her return.  In one of her Creative Play sessions, she had the little ones work with wire (something they don’t usually get to do).

They took to making their spiders some skillfully, some not so skillfully, but all happily.  

After Fiona displayed the finished works of art, we decided to bring the wire creatures into their living cousins natural environment.

Our tough-skinned-outside-the-box-thinker Kunthea who has learned to embrace life without her older brother (who left last year), wanted her spider to be pretty, thus the addition of a bouquet of roses.  She didn’t care that the kids said they were too big for her spider.  Much like herself, her little spider will overcome obstacles in life and build a bigger web for it.

The spiders were placed in Winnie’s Boutique and two have since moved to Australia, and one to the USA.  Kunthea always looks in at hers and asks me “why nobody buy me (mine)” and I tell her I won’t let them because I like the flowers.  She grins and says in her usual “Ohhhhh Mama, you skuit (crazy).” and then bounds off to play.

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