21 October, 2012

Wat Opot School for Tots

With the 'big' kids in school, Rortana and Phahna are left behind to run the place in their absence.  Rortana has always been quite independent but Phahna, being the youngest, has been coddled by the older girls and likes to spend her days holed up in their bedroom listening to Korean pop music.  Her world changed when the girls went off to high school!  She cried her heart out when she was handed over to me...maybe it wasn't as bad as that.  Either she has a small heart (doubtful) or she realized that "E-Da" (as she calls me) isn't all that bad after all (takes some longer than others to realize this!)  considering the tears stopped after the 40 seconds it took us to walk to the Creative Learning Center.

Wow, the CLC all to ourselves!

I got to work reorganizing a bit to allow easy access for the preschool learning toys and puzzles.  Since they couldn't go more than 10 seconds without "E-Da look", I decided to put on a DVD for them.  Yes...sigh, a caregivers best friend at times.  But, I did put in Baby Einstein and they were mesmerized!  I had never watched those DVD's before, but I had to tear myself away from it to get back to work.  Soon the girls were dancing around and I look up.  They were watching little girls dancing around with Butterfly wings on.

A Lightbulb Went Off Over My Head!

Earlier in 2012, Gail had brought with her some little costume butterfly wings.  Seeing how fragile they were, I tucked them away for just the right occasion.  Well, that opportune moment had arrived!!!  I ran into the store room and brought them out dancing with excitement.  The girls looked at me with blank faces and backed away from me as I approached them.  I turned to Tavery (our soon to be first female university student) who was working on the computer.  She donned the wings and went back to work, unfazed.

The Lightbulb went off in the little girls head then; "OH, THAT'S what they are for!"

A few days later we had an official Wat Opot little Tot Preschool - this time in the Craft room.  They had fun playing with the seed-bead animals the older kids made...

Look a Duck! 

Look an alligator!

Look a bee!

Rortana watched the photo process I had with Phanha and said "No me" and grabbed them all at once. I guess she was ready to get to stringing some beads for herself.

so then they began stringing some necklaces.

After a long day of educational play, we made a tent.  Phahna wandered out to find Tavery while Rortana stayed to make her little home.

And what's the best thing to do once you get your home organized?  Why, you sit down with a nice glass of wine and some soft music...or if you are 3 years old, you take a nap.  

Sleep tight little Rortana, much more fun times ahead in your safe happy home.


Vicki said...

aw reminds me of our tent building days when we were younger. Love the butterfly wings :)

Melinda said...

I would love to make the bubble tents we used to...but there's no way to make one big enough for all!