27 June, 2012

Jewelry time!

With the newest addition of Aunt Winnie's Boutique and the amazing artistic talent of 19 year old Pesei, our jewelry has never looked better!  Miss Kunty and Miss Srey Nou held classes for 2 days and every child was able to come into the craft room and learn how to make awesome tied cord bracelets.  I was again humbled at their talent and again learned not to underestimate the little ones.  

Kunty helping Somnang I 

 Srey Nou helping Somphos

The children were allowed to keep the bracelet that they made and now they continue to beg me to open the craft room so they can make more "No for me, Melinda, for Wat Opot"!  It has been a nice addition to our evening DVD schedule; which tends to get boring night after night.  Now I open the craft room in the evening after meditation, but before bedtime.  

Some of the finished product and happy children!

We change it up "girls night" then "boys night", then "big kids/small kids" so to give everyone a chance to create.  In 2 days the children had made more than 50 bracelets, so I had to pull the plug for a few days (easier to do since I'm in Phnom Penh for a few days).  I brought 15 of the new bracelets along with 7 necklaces and other jewelry to the store, Rajana in Phnom Penh who carries our jewelry on consignment along with Kundalini Yoga Cambodia.

Another shot of the display and jewelry at the Boutique at Wat Opot.

Pesei putting the final touches on the tree.

Nith adding the nails to the bamboo.

Here is some of the jewelry that is now for sale in Phnom Penh.



dee said...

Beautiful. I love the heart shaped orangeeee ones.

Actually I like them all.

dee said...

I love them all