11 June, 2012

Wash Day!

It's wash time at Wat Opot!  We have a washing machine which was donated by a long-time volunteer last year and it gets used every day by the older boys and childcare staff, but about once a week, the kids like to collect their dirty clothes, grab a colorful bucket, scrub brush and lots of soap and scrub their clothes super clean.

All ages get involved from our littlest ones, 1 yr. old Srey Phahna and 2 yr. old Rortana to Thear who's 15.

 While someone pumps to keep the water coming, others scrub and scrub.


It's not all work...it's very important to make sure the water makes it down the drain correctly and with style!

After the clothes are clean and hung up, it's time to get those bodies clean.  Nothing like the cool clean water from the well to refresh you after all that hard work!


It's not considered work when it's fun!!!

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