26 January, 2012

Brains at work!

The kids continue to call the Creative Learning Center the lay lahn (play cars) but the glory of this room is not necessarily the name, nor is it the numerous toy cars that are housed inside…it’s the educational capability of the space. 

More often than not, a child will come into the room and walk straight towards the book shelf or puzzle cabinet.  They will opt for crayons and colored pencils instead of a doll or truck.  It’s days like those that I can sit back and just smile as I watch their brains at work.

The large rectangular open room is divided into 3 areas, the first is the ‘school area’, next is an open play space where they can spread out for a game of chess, domino's, or the large alphabet floor puzzle.  

They also use the middle space to get comfortable for educational DVDs...or the Zuma game on the computer (Five year old Wey, showing the big kids how it's done!)


The far end space is where all the toys are and some days it's packed!

But sometimes it's very quiet there.  Here is Chanthol looking very lonely in the toy area.

Then as I pan to the other 2 areas you can see that is where the action is.

Look out Cambodia, the Wat Opot children are growing up educated and ready for change!!

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Feebs NZ said...

Im Loving your Last comment ...absolutely brilliantly inspiring.......Go the kids of Wat Opot....... they are so going to be the inspired creative adults of the future and will have the ability to Inspire all around them....

Thanks to your Creative input Melinda ....they will be the ones to head change of the future......