08 November, 2011


I looked out from where I was lounging on our porch and watched Samnang and Wat Opot gardener, Po, discussing something.  Samnang had been gathering sticks and I wasn’t sure what he was up to.  I watched Po helping him and my curiosity got the better of me and I went to investigate.

What Samnang had learned from Po was how to tie the sticks he had gathered, together.  Previously Somnang had been trying to balance them , but quickly absorbed Po’s teachings and began to create his ‘shelter’.  What prompted the shelter?  Who knows…maybe he was tired of sharing a room with 4 others, maybe he wanted a place he could call his own, maybe he was returning to the wild?

Whatever the reason, he soon was joined by Davit and after passing his newfound knowledge on, the two of them worked diligently, tying, building and gathering leaves. 

Soon the shelter was up….but decidedly...too small.

What to do?…I guess in their case, you get to work on another house.  An extension of the standing house would be too difficult, so another house was in the works complete with a trail attaching the two. 

Somnang carefully inspected his second building project.

But in the end, they both moved into one, as I guess being alone is not all that it’s cracked up to be J

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