12 November, 2011

One Day on Earth 11-11-11

What did Wat Opot do for One Day on Earth, 11-11-11?

We loaded up both vehicles and took the crew to Phnom Chisor Mountain!

Once there, a quick roll call.

Then it’s up the 250 steps (not sure of the accuracy of that count but the kids seems intent on that number...although websites say 400 steps which seems more like it!).

And up…

And up!  Those that ran ahead got to rest waiting for us to catch up.

Yeah, we made it to the top!

Quick snacks and a quicker rest on the hammocks.

A greeting from the resident monkey – who is not quite fond of the children, but seems to have taken a liking to Wayne.

Wow, what a view!

Our first attempt at organizing them all for a photo shoot.

Then we moved to a nicer place – one where no one could fall off the edge!

Our youngest Watopotian was able to come too – even after the ruckus of the video's and photo's and missing her nap, she was a trooper.

More photo’s.

Then back to Wat Opot.

Singing a song outside at dusk.

and then a break before nightly meditation – I was honored with my periodic lice check (negative!) by Srey Po and nightly short massage by Venot and yes…more photo ops.

Wayne started meditation and it didn’t take long for Rortana to pass out with exhaustion!

And then others followed suit…

A full moon and Lord of the Rings part 3 ended our productive day!


Paige said...

I always get such enjoyment out of reading your posts Melinda... thank you for sharing. Paige :)

Melinda said...

Thanks Paige! Can't wait to see you soon!

Kate B said...

Looks like a great day :) Ty Meng has a new outfit? Love the green, so gender neutral of her! Give the munchkins a squeeze from Kat Chma <3