24 November, 2011

It’s dress-up time!

Amongst all the goodies that Diane Bernowski gathered, packed up and sent with US volunteers coming to Cambodia, were dress-up clothes!  WHAT FUN!!  It didn’t take long for them to be put to good use…

Especially the rockin’ sun glasses.

The glamorous skirts are seemingly not gender specific; as Mr. SaOun wears his proudly while playing with his truck and high schooler Mengthy, dons one as well. Who says real men don’t wear pink and lace and see through tule!

And Ms. Venot, our infamous shirtless wild child, displays her lovely attire.

Oops – got to remember those undies next time!!

Super-Cool-Princess Srey Nak wishes all her "Amerik" viewers a very very happy Thanksgiving day all the way from Cambodia!

1 comment:

Alice Emmert said...

ALL little girls ANd boys enjoy dressing up!!! What fun!!! It's magical to pretend - no matter what age.