05 October, 2011

Lighter post!

With the last post on the heavy side, I thought I would lighten the mood a little and what better way to do it than with Cambodia’s most accommodating and photographed cat; Master Pompous!  Look how creative volunteer Sabrina was in the Creative Learning Center!

Pompous is a CLC favorite and loves to pounce on unsuspecting toys or children; but he may have to step up his cuteness a notch because the girls have adopted 5 kittens ( originally  6, but the smallest one didn’t make it).  Four had come from Pompous’ old stomping grounds, the Wat next door and 2 were born here (originally 3 were born on the property, but we don’t talk about what happened to one of them; do we Pompous – bad kitty! – on second thought, the tiny little tabby in the below shot is the one who died; the one who looked like Pompous..hmm..)  He really was just too small and they were taken from their mother and dumped at the Wat way to soon.

Well the newest arrivals are now thriving and get plenty of play time with the kids especially the little girls who never seem to put them down. 

They now come into the CLC and roam about until exhaustion.  It was then that Pompous finally took a closer look:

Instead of cowering in the corner like a big baby!

But don’t worry Pompus, it will be a little while before the little ones are healthy enough to run and play like you do so in the meantime, you’re still everyone’s favorite!

And the King of your Domain.

But don’t get completely comfortable as the little ones are moving in and getting comfortable…

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Kate B said...

Don't tell anyone, especially Lindsay or Cora, but I love my little brother Pompous. He's such a good foster parent (except *cough* that one uhhhh incident...). Good thing he's so street smart too or he probably wouldve already had the same fate as LongDys cat. Poor Sakura :(