27 September, 2011

Honey you are so sweet!

I was in the Creative Learning Center when Srey Lak yelled for me to come outside.  When I went out there was this sweet lady with a bucket of even sweeter golden honey.  Of course I didn’t know what the lady had upon first glance, since the honey was in the bucket down below the comb and bees.  This was the freshest honey I have ever seen and tasted!

The lady explained (and Srey Lak translated) that the honey is from her bee hive and she gave me a bit of honey comb to chew on to see if it was to my liking. After carefully inspecting the comb as to not inadvertently chew on a dead bee, I put it in my mouth.  It was so sweet my teeth almost ached!  My expression make her smile big…like “yep, another soon to be customer”.

I said sure, I’ll take some so I went into my room and came back with a little jar tha previously held my coveted natural peanut butter which costs me a small fortune each month but that I choose not do without.  When I gave her the jar, she commented something like, this is all you want, but nonetheless proceeded to fill it up.

While she was filling it up, Srey Lak asked me why I only wanted a little jar of it and I replied, that when that is empty, maybe we can have her bring some again.  I was then told that she lives far away and will not be back out this way.  What could I do but run back to my room and search for another container, one larger!  I spotted a water bottle on the shelf, grabbed it and hurried back outside.

The sight of the big container made the lady smile big!  I guess she figured that this trip was certainly not in vain. So under the watchful eyes of some of the kids, she proceeded to fill me up once again.

Back in the house I reveled in my purchase; I might add ‘cheap’ purchase because the last time I bought honey in the city, I paid almost $5.00 for some the size of the smaller jar.  I got almost 4 times that much for only $8.00, and this honey was hand delivered.

AND she threw in some bees free of charge!

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