28 September, 2011

Craft Room

After a very busy couple of weeks with volunteers coming and going, I was able to spend a little quality time with a few of the children in the craft room. It’s easy for me to make a place, no matter the location, suddenly feel ordinary and become ‘just another place’.  The newness is stripped away and normalcy sets in.  Sometimes I go through the motions of life like a robot or zombie.  Wake up, eat, work, eat, work, eat, check email, go to bed…rinse…repeat.  It doesn’t matter if I am in Washington, DC, Colwich, KS, or Takeo, Cambodia.  Life moves on and if I don’t take the time to stop and get myself back into the moment I can miss out on so much.

It’s moments like this one in the craft room that bring me back to the here and now and reminds me that I am occupying this space on the planet because I am supposed to be here.  And why is that?  Because all the events in my life have led me where I am and I can’t imagine being anywhere else in the world.

With an abundance of volunteers, there have been so many exciting other projects going on that it had been awhile since we dug into the jewelry.  It had also been awhile since I had the time or opportunity to have some personal quality time with some of the kids.  It was so nice to be with Kunthea and Srey Maov while they strung beads on the curl wire that Dan and Gabrielle brought out with them from New Zealand.

And with Wey and Virak creating wearable works of art with the chunky “small kids beads”.

Pompous joined us for a spell and patiently waited for Wey to finish making a play toy for him.

Priceless moments in life that fill my heart tank until it overflows.  

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