22 August, 2011

Dividy Dividy

Dividy Dividy, Melinda Dividy!

That's what I hear every night after meditation.  The kids begging to watch a DVD.  They didn't use to be so persistant...but when we received a large anonomous donation last month, Wayne said we could buy a good TV and DVD player.  Previously we have tried watching movies on the 2 old TV sets we have, but neither one is very good.  Either the picture is bad, the sound worse or the DVD player broken.

The kids are pretty easy going and actually never complained about any of it.  They watched it on the tiny portable DVD player at times without a fuss, or on the computer monitor screen.  That's the way it is here...they just accept things as they are.

But if we were going to watch (and actually enjoy) the movies with them something needed to be done.  We purchased a large TV and player with a cart on wheels so we can wheel it into the office at night and lock it up (probably the reason the other TV's were so bad...50+ sets of hands messing with them).

We can also wheel it outside the kids dorm and enjoy the nice evenings. Those who choose not to watch can still play inside and not run back in forth in front of the show. Plus the older girls can still watch their Korean Music Video's uninterrupted.

We christened the new set with Men in Black - one of the kids (and my!) favorite!

We went on to watch some of the Disney Movies; Shrek, Finding Nemo, etc...but then the older kids started wanting to watch something a little more their speed.  So the next trip into Phnom Penh, I picked up some classics E.T., The Goonies, Superman, and the Indiana Jones series.  Those were a big hit, so then we morphed into Spider Man and Avatar.  On the teen trip into Phnom Penh (which was funded by Kate's Summer Fun Fund), One of the boys went with me to buy some movies and at his request we picked up more action/adventure flicks such as War of the Worlds and 2012 (both big hits with all ages of the kids).

Well,  since there are no copyright laws in Cambodia all the DVD's are only $1.50 we now have added about 25 more to our already large collection. The weekend brought us The Mummy and The Mummy Returns!  I had forgotten how good those movies are!!

With the website I came across called Kids in Mind, I can now check out the content before watching.  Major avoidance's are alcohol and sex and this site is great at describing exactly what's in the movies.

Tonight twe watched the documentary "Babies".  Anyone who hasn't seen it; shame on you! It's great.  I wasn't sure how they would like it since the action is limited to a baby falling down while trying to walk but the kids were so interested in watching the lives of 4 different babies from around the world (The US, Africa, Mongolia and Japan); the African baby was the biggest hit!  For me it further confirmed the idea that less is more.  Who really needs a house-full of baby gadgets, gear and stuff??

As usual Pompous enjoys the attention of a room-full of quiet kids!

Tomorrow's movie: Clash of the Titans!


Feebs NZ said...

Oh Oh Oh!! Pick me Pick me! Pick me! I want to watch dividy with the kids!!!! Oh darn only 140 more sleeps to go.......Sigh....... ha ha xFi

Melinda said...

I am counting sleeps!!!