28 July, 2011


Hmmm…at Wat Opot we discourage openly playing favorites with a child.  Miss Kate (who the kids call Cat, and the Khmer word for Cat is Chama) sooo….Miss Kat Chama is a long time volunteer and I assumed that she knew this...Kat is a nurse and with our recent sting of sick kids she was invaluable!  A bug/virus hit Wat Opot with vengeance, knocking out 2 or 3 kids at a time.  Kate was busy giving medication, IV’s and most of all her famous Tender Loving Care!  I suspect some of the kids were so in love with her and her attention that they didn't want to get better quickly!

Well although I only have the utmost and complete respect for Kat and her medical skills, (so much so, I actually tossed around the idea of self mutilation so I could have the honor of being in her care and getting stitched with no anesthesia by her steady hands)  In spite of my secret wish, I came upon a questionable site.  Little Virak had been sick for over a week and it’s no secret that there is a very very special place in her heart for him.  It’s also no secret that Wey has a very very special place in mine; but, when I came upon both sick boys in the dorm, I was taken aback.

Here’s the main room of the kids dorm with the sick boys laying around getting better.  

But WAIT!  Let’s take a  closer look  at the little guys.  One of these things is not like the other. 

Wait, let’s get even closer…

Can you guess which child is Virak and which is Wey???  Let me remind you again that Kate had been taking care of both of them.  

Miss Kat Chama, we need to talk.

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