25 July, 2011

CLC part something…

Previously in the Creative Learning Center...

Well, I finally brought the leggo’s out…and as expected they were a huge hit!  I had brought many little sets to make individual vehicles and then Deb (ongoing volunteer and head of the Wat Opot Children’s Fund in the US) had mailed a box of goodies which included a bag of leggo’s.  Anticipating  a stampede, I kept the playroom low-key and only let in a few at first.

Amongst the lucky ones, Mr. Rith and Miss Kunthea with big smiles

Phanha working on his own and then helping Samnang 2 with his.

Mak Phan figuring it out.

Channey concentrating on her soon-to-be masterpiece.

Samnang 1 proudly displaying his finished product!

Hmmmm….maybe someday I’ll grow up to be a pilot….

Well, Little Nak, at WOCC the possibilities are endless.  

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