28 July, 2011


Hmmm…at Wat Opot we discourage openly playing favorites with a child.  Miss Kate (who the kids call Cat, and the Khmer word for Cat is Chama) sooo….Miss Kat Chama is a long time volunteer and I assumed that she knew this...Kat is a nurse and with our recent sting of sick kids she was invaluable!  A bug/virus hit Wat Opot with vengeance, knocking out 2 or 3 kids at a time.  Kate was busy giving medication, IV’s and most of all her famous Tender Loving Care!  I suspect some of the kids were so in love with her and her attention that they didn't want to get better quickly!

Well although I only have the utmost and complete respect for Kat and her medical skills, (so much so, I actually tossed around the idea of self mutilation so I could have the honor of being in her care and getting stitched with no anesthesia by her steady hands)  In spite of my secret wish, I came upon a questionable site.  Little Virak had been sick for over a week and it’s no secret that there is a very very special place in her heart for him.  It’s also no secret that Wey has a very very special place in mine; but, when I came upon both sick boys in the dorm, I was taken aback.

Here’s the main room of the kids dorm with the sick boys laying around getting better.  

But WAIT!  Let’s take a  closer look  at the little guys.  One of these things is not like the other. 

Wait, let’s get even closer…

Can you guess which child is Virak and which is Wey???  Let me remind you again that Kate had been taking care of both of them.  

Miss Kat Chama, we need to talk.

25 July, 2011

CLC part something…

Previously in the Creative Learning Center...

Well, I finally brought the leggo’s out…and as expected they were a huge hit!  I had brought many little sets to make individual vehicles and then Deb (ongoing volunteer and head of the Wat Opot Children’s Fund in the US) had mailed a box of goodies which included a bag of leggo’s.  Anticipating  a stampede, I kept the playroom low-key and only let in a few at first.

Amongst the lucky ones, Mr. Rith and Miss Kunthea with big smiles

Phanha working on his own and then helping Samnang 2 with his.

Mak Phan figuring it out.

Channey concentrating on her soon-to-be masterpiece.

Samnang 1 proudly displaying his finished product!

Hmmmm….maybe someday I’ll grow up to be a pilot….

Well, Little Nak, at WOCC the possibilities are endless.  

09 July, 2011

Random Pics…

Random Pics…

Meet Wat Opot’s newest super hero, Captain Plastic Phan!!

Chanthol and his scary Sister Kunthea (who is in the wheelchair because she hurt her hip and it was painful to walk)

My Nook eReader getting some quality time with the kids.

 And what random pic’s would be complete without Wey and yet another animal friend (who unfortunately died shortly after this photo shoot; animals come and go quite quickly here)


Thanks for looking!

03 July, 2011

Wrestling babies!

While watching some of the boys with the dolls, I decided to snap a few pictures of them playing so sweetly with them.

But then I caught a gleam in Samphos eyes as a sly smile came over his face.

More boys joined him and their voices rose.

Soon they were cracking themselves up as the babies were used for something along the lines of a WWF match.

When the dolls started being flung through the air; I had to spoil their fun and  step in!  Fun is fun, but the dolls are really cheap and one of them had lost its head (the boys watching the pieces fly apart saying "Sorry, Melinda!) and needed to be fixed once again.