17 June, 2011

Tommy's voice visits Wat Opot!

I snapped this photo of the kids during our 10ish minute meditation we have every night before snack.

We started out having it in the kids dorm, but moved it to the kitchen area since it's a much bigger space,


but with the new volunteer dorm construction; the materials are stored in there so we had to move it back to the kids dorm.  The smaller kids are in the adjoining room as we just don't all fit in one room there.

We don't discriminate...any living being is invited - furry 4-legged ones too!!

Meditation is directly after play time, but before bath time...who says you have to have a clean clear body to have a clean clear mind?

I met a wonderful special man while traveling briefly in London in 2006.  We became internet friends and as people come and go in my life; Tommy is one that has stayed close to my heart with his genuine peaceful and kind nature.  Tommy writes songs from his home in Sweden and some of his tunes really connect with a special part of my soul.  He recently sent me one which is no exception.  His songs have followed me from country to country and have entertained an international audience along the way.

I decided to share his touching voice with Cambodia during meditation last night.  The following video (a portion of the whole song) does not show the kids very well, but Tommy's voice rings clear and you can see how his voice slowly soothed everyone as they sat quietly with eyes closed and hands in their laps.  After the meditation Wayne announced that the song was from a friend of mine and everyone clapped.  I guess we'll add this song to our list of meditation music.

To hear more of his tunes please click here.

Tommy, please keep those sweet tunes coming! :-)


Tompaz said...

am deeply honored dear Melinda and thanks for bring out some love tears of your sharing my homemade waves in this special manner-can´t get better than this for a music weaving soul-thank you from all my soul and wish you and children all the best in all you do-
with love
your friend from Santaland:)

Melinda said...

You are most welcome Tommy; keep making music that moves people!