10 June, 2011


It’s officially the rainy season…but not much rain in sight.  Oh, we will have a down pour for a few minutes or more, but nothing to prompt the plowing of the rice fields.  One afternoon we had one such down pour and although this one lasted only about 15 minutes, the kids (and subsequently Kate and I) took full advantage of the very brief cool spell and ran out and enjoyed the fun!

The minute it started the kids poured out of the dorm; with and without clothes.

They ran, slid, chased each other and of course climbed trees.

They formed groups as protection from the older kids who would make them fall and get all muddy…although everyone eventually got dirty.

Kate was mobbed when she ran out to join them!  Not able to stay inside much longer, I snapped a photo and pushed aside all those adult words “don’t go out, it’s raining”, or “don’t get wet, you’ll catch a cold” and then ventured out in the pouring rain.  After all, I’m an adult now so I can change up the rules, right?

Eventually the rain let up and we were left with big puddles that continued to keep the kids occupied for a while longer; that and making hand prints on our bodies.

 Lastly, it was off to the pond to “clean off”. 

Fingers crossed that is will happen on a daily basis soon…the heat is seemingly unbearable and to think that Wat Opot just got electricity last year!  I did not have to experience uncomfortably hot sleepless nights without a fan to gently blow on me.  Just a year ago, there were no computers for the kids, no wireless internet, no COLD water.  

I count my blessing every night because just a few hundred meters from me could be families without the luxury of electricity, fans and  they certainly do not have wireless internet.  This is the reality I face.  This is the reality I choose to live in.  This is reality.

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