28 June, 2011

Kids and toys go together like, well…like kids and toys! CLC Part IV

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I have been gradually bringing out a few toys at a time and a few weeks ago I finally brought out the play food (minus the 2 fake bland chicken carcasses which I left at my mom's - really, they were ugly and completely not necessary...) and cookware which were a big hit the second they caught sight of them.

After the initial fascination with the fake food, they set to work making individual market stands just like they have in their village market. 

Mr. Rong and Sopeak seem to have a sale on babies and insects!

Wey and Saon are driving their basket to the market,

While Mr. Chanthol is….well, being himself.

Virek is selling the farm,

while Miss Srey Nich drives a hard bargain!

Another satisfied customer; but can you really 'not' satisfy Saon??

As usual with our kids; they turn playful fun into learning experiences; in this case they took one of the vegetable books and flash cards to compare the produce with its English version.

Which led to finding live objects (such as our youngest Watopotian) to demonstrate the Baby card.

Not everyone partook in the marketplace; some of the older boys preferred instead to refine their chess skills (to continue to outplay the volunteers, I’m sure).

I have yet to bring out all of the toys which were bought with the donations from generous Kansans!  Stay tuned!

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