04 June, 2011

CLC part III

Let’s see where did I leave off from my previous CLC post…Oh, with the tile being laid.

Well the tile was 1/2 way done and Pheap (the handyman here at WOCC) went to the tile store to pick up the 2nd half of the order and in typical Khmer style they were out of that kind.  But not only were they out, they were not able to get that same kind in anymore; something they had to have known when we placed the order.  Sigh, what can you do?  

The only thing we could have; we put in a similar pattern tile and hope no one notices…or as Wayne says “It makes for a good story”.  Oh and for our troubles, they gave us a refund of something like $2.50 off of the $400+ order price!  How's that for customer satisfaction!

What nice beautiful tile!  WAIT!  One of these things is not like the other…

Once the tile was in, one more renovation was to be finished before I could get my greedy little hands in the room.  The back wall was in bad shape and would leak when it rained.  Basically it was a half wall with chain link fence material on the top and woven bamboo mats had been put up to keep the rain out.  Looking out  from the inside it was airy and bright, but needed improvement.

Outside view

Soon the fencing came down (under Wayne's watch).

And a new window with bricked in sides went up!

And the ever changing room was cleaned once again!

Then the walls got a fresh coat of paint and  I could finally bring in some stuff!  The computers were set up first in the new and improved computer room.

And before I could even get the shelves and the current toy stock unloaded from the previous room, the kids started to wander in.

Soon, a little more organization was taking place and some more kids found their way in.

CLC #IV post with the completed room and photo’s of the children overjoyed with the toys I finally brought out of my suitcase (where they have been patiently waiting for over 3 months!) coming soon!

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Feebs NZ said...

YEEEE Haaa! Fabulous!!! Congrats on the completion..It all looks wonderful.