02 May, 2011

Dog Smokes and Wee wee Puppy

There are way too many dogs running around the property. Dog’s that multiply like rabbits, so it seems. Most stay out of the way of adults (foreigners included) because they are afraid of getting kicked around. I have been able to befriend 1 dog in particular. She’s the nicest dog on the property and will come to most anyone. Her name is Lucky and the kids all love her, too. She reeeeeeeeeeeally loves me since I bought dog treats in Phnom Penh the last time I was there. Lucky is no dumb dog; she learned right away that the early dog gets the treat. Here’s what I see many mornings first thing when I get up.

Yep, Ms. Lucky watching guard at my front door. 

Or at least keeping a close eye on it.

And then she pulls a stop drop and roll when you approach…or in other words a “rub my belly” stance.

After a thorough rubbing down, she is then presented with her treat. Little Way usually comes running when Lucky is at my door, he loves to give her the treat.  When he was into the miming thing; it was interesting to watch him explain exactly what Lucky needed…

Picture him running up to me with his fingers (such as a peace sign, but palms towards his face) making a motion to his lips and then pointing to the dog. I said, what is it Way, does the dog want a cigarette (while making the same motion he did). He said “yeah yeah!” of course not knowing what I was saying. After seeing Lucky take a ‘doggy snack’ I can see what he really meant!


I guess the word got out that I had snacks for vulnerable dogs because Sir Greedy showed up at my door one day.

And then the next with his sister (Madame Greedier)

Greedy and Greedier earned their nicknames because unlike Lucky the good dog, they snatch their snack from my hand, barely chew it, swallow it, and then run back to the door for more. It does no good to ignore them as they just make themselves at home.

I finally have to make a quick move towards the door and since they have not warmed up to me completly they take off…only to show up a little later of course…acting all suave and cool.

As a shout out to Ralphie Alphie (Part I and Part II) I was given his long lost relative yesterday by Seeto. She came to me and wanted medicine for the poor little thing. Since Fiona from the Harbour started the whole doggie 911 rescue, I guess Seeto figured all foreigners have a special animal wellness voodoo, so I took the wee puppy in and promptly named her FIONA!!! Hee hee

There wasn’t really anything wrong with her other than she was taken way too soon from her mother but nonetheless, Kate and I gave her a bit of an antiobiotic and I kept her overnight.

After getting up 2 times with her in the night, I knew I was not in the mood to look after a puppy, especially after cleaning up her endless puppy pee puddles and then slipping on a pile of her doo doo. I kept her for the day (putting in a couple hours in the craft room so she could relate to her name sake!) and after making sure she was eating and drinking (obviously the other end was working!).  Late afternoon, I had Srey Mao take her back to Seeto’s house stating that she was not sick anymore…BUT also with the instructions that her name was now Princess Fiona!

Since she did steal a little of my heart, and since Seeto lives on the property, I will check in on her often.


Pamala Smith said...

Great story Mndy, I love the names and enjoyed reading a bit of your life as I drank my morning coffee. Miss you!

Feebs NZ said...

Oh Goodness..... What did I start on my last visit. Ha ha ha ha...I suppose every soul deserve's a chance of unconditional caring ...whether they are two legs or 4...ha ha ha. Wayne might not be so keen on the dog care center ha ha ha

Thank s for sharing your update keeping me inspired ..

xxHugs Fiona

Melinda said...

Thanks Pam, glad you enjoyed it!! Looking forward to having a cup o' joe with you someday!!!

Yes, dear Fiona, you did start something and you should have seen Wayne's face when he saw her; saying something like 'what's that rat doing in here' ha ha.