25 May, 2011

Crafting at WOCC

The infamous Mary comes to Wat Opot one Sunday a month to do a craft project with the kids.  The projects usually start out well….and then turn into anyone’s game once their imaginations and creativity begin to run wild. 

On this particular Sunday, Mary brought the supplies to make paper necklaces.

And soon the kids were proudly showing off their bling!

And then their creativity!!

Come back soon Mary and bring more glue sticks!!!


Feebs NZ said...

Oh Gosh!! This is Awesome!! Brings tears to my eyes to see how craft and play can bring out the best smiles in the children....YAY!!!!
Mary you Awesome!
and Melinda Your Awesome!

Chetna Bhandari said...

Hey melinda reminded me of one the necklaces peace students made for Nev on her birthday..Nev had a smile on her face and the smile in the children's face...:) Its just amazing to see how much you love doing all this...Hugs