13 May, 2011

Art Festival!!

The children at Wat Opot have been involved in an Art Project for the past couple of years.  The money to fund the project came from Germany to bring out the artistic talents of WOCC kids as well as some in the surrounding village.  Mr Hout arranged an art fun day to let the kids from the newly formed Sunday morning class show off their talents.

That morning the experienced art students busily set up easels, canvasses and paint all around the property.  

Soon the festivities began with the children drawing numbers to see where they will paint. 

Let the sketching begin!!! 

And then add some paint…mixed on a natural palette.  

And a little more paint!

And some more…

Some help please!!

And Wallah!  Some of the finished products (and their proud owners).

Soon all that was left of the art festival was scattered paint, beautiful leaves and bricks.  After the break dancing contest, prizes and food…the physical art work will soon be shipped off to Germany, hung at Wat Opot and/or sold to lucky buyers, but the emotional remains will be carried for much longer. 

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Kris said...


these kids have some talent and it looked like they were having a good time with creating from a blank page. Hope you are doing well.