02 April, 2011

Art Class!

Mr. Huit has been teaching art to a handful of the older students but a few weeks ago he started a class for EVERYONE. WAHOO, now all the kids can join in. Every Sunday morning from 8 to 9 you can find the Wat Opotians from 3 years to 15 in the craft room (which is being utilized for the art class).

The first morning of class all the kids got a piece of paper and a pencil and was instructed to draw anything using a sketching technique, the next week a bit more guidance and this week they were ‘smudging’ or something like that.

Much as the gap between the rich and the poor is growing in the Western world; so is the gap between those with natural ability and those who just like to draw regardless of skill and ALL are encouraged!

Along with the variance of skill so is their variance of stance…

It looks as if Phahna is climbing onto the table, but he was drawing (err...comfortably?) like that; up on tip-toe with one leg balancing on the table.

Well, let's just get really comfortable Miss Venot!

And along with their variance of skill and stance so is their fashion sense!

For you my dear Princess Fiona, here is the craftroom after the rearrangement! Looking in from the front door:  (the sun was sooooo bright, I had to shut the windows.  It looks soooo much better with them open and feels so much better with the fresh air flowing through).


The new jewelry display area.

And the art area

Oh and I KNOW you will enjoy seeing Mr. T hard at work and his awesome drawing!



Feebs NZ said...

Hi Princess Fiona here...ha ha ha... I think the Craft room looks great!!! Its nice when ownership happens..........!!
I am so thrilled that the room is being utilized for not only Crafts but Art as well..... Wahooo!! Its great to see the children all in there with Mr Hout playing and giving it ago.....

Like the fashion sense photo the best...ha ha ...and all your humorous captions....

I have just been donated nearly 80 kilo's of unwanted beads and non selling necklaces and bit and piece for Cambodia Craft project........Now just have to find a way to ship them....

Feebs NZ said...

And thank you for the photo of Mr Tey....its so good to see him giving drawing a go....... xFi