14 March, 2011

What makes you cry?

Suffering children? A sad movie? Humane Society commericials? Well those are a given.

What makes me cry? Apparently it is food. Yes, food. Tonight after spending about an hour in a book store, then getting a little dizzy, I realized that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Heading back to the hotel, I found myself passing by the infamous “Flavors of India – Authentic Indian & Nepalese Cuisine”. Stopping in my tracks, I turned around walked back a couple of paces and entered with a big smile on my face.

After ordering Thali Vegetarian, I opened up my Nook to read a little before my meal arrived; and arrive it did in all its spicy glory. It was kindly placed in front of me as I gently closed my reader. It was at that moment that I started to get choked up.  With a serious lump in my throat I just sat there and looked at the food. I quietly bowed my head and gave thanks for the meal in front of me. 

I have had many many things in the past few years that made me want to cry, but I never recall one of those being food. Perhaps there was the occasional emotional cry of delight a time or two when I sat down to enjoy one of the delicious dal bhat meals at the Peace Home, but to really want to cry?

Sigh…I do believe I am a bit on the weird side. 

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