13 March, 2011

New Meditation

Wayne and I are trying something new. Wayne wanted the kids to do a little meditation before their evening snack and I was trying to organize some kind of efficient way for them to do so.

The result?  For almost a week now, they are sitting quietly with their hands in their laps, eyes closed and listening to a soothing song (usually around 3 minutes or less) - Enya is currently the voice of choice. During this time they are encouraged to think about what the song means/meant to the singer and also to them. To just sit and contemplate in an orderly quiet fashion.
So far the meditation part is working great; but the snack thing is coming along at a much slower pace. It’s really just going to take time as change usually does. The idea to have ‘row 1’ stand up and get their snacks, then ‘row 2’ seems like such a simple process…but I guess when the end result is food combined with the fact that they have gotten used to pushing and shoving, an orderly fashion is not high on their list.

But as the ants found out as they continued day after day to make a trail through my house; I do not give up easily. The little multi-legged creatures eventually realized that I meant business and they finally redirected their route and subsequently moved the entrance of their underground lair away from the brick path just outside my doorway. And likewise, the little two-legged creatures who now have overtaken my life can be taught as well and instead of sprinkling pepper sauce to get my point across, love, compassion and a boatful of patience will be my method of choice.

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