10 March, 2011

Absence only makes the heart grow fonder…

Or is it “out of sight, out of mind”…either way, I am deeply sorry for my blogger absence, Kate (or Cat as it’s pronounced here)! It’s amazing how time flies here. I guess the problem lies in that fact that everything I do here would be cool to write about. There are numerous times during the day that I go over in my head “how I will blog” about a certain event or happening…the trouble lies in actually logging onto my computer and putting the thoughts/events into words. I think the other problem is that I haven’t found My Place or I should say My Inspirational Place yet… wherever I have lived, I have always found that certain location or that certain spot where it just feels right.
I am hopeful that My Place here at WOCC will be in my new room! It should be finished in a week (fingers crossed). But enough with the excuses and on to the sincere apology and the vow that I will be more diligent in my blogging and if nothing else I will post photo’s when the words just don’t come!

So for your viewing pleasure, here is my homey, Mr. Virek in all his facial glory coming to you from his now favorite place to be “in front of my camera!”.

How about Socheat with his lovely snack of fried chicken foot!

or the older boys posing nicely?

Or the horseless cart (are Davit and Srey Po scratching their heads wondering why they aren't going anywhere...or is it nits??)

Well, for now I will leave you with a remarkably and I may add unusually quiet Saon deep in thought and actually sitting still.

See you soon Nurse Cat!


Kate Bernoske said...

LOVE IT!! Im glad you caught Saon sitting still on film, otherwise I might not have believed you! Hope you find "your place" soon :)

Melinda said...

Thanks Kate, see you soon!