05 January, 2011

Compliments of beautiful hearted people that I know and love.

The clothes arrived from Kathmandu!! Bhola ji and I had searched so many shops and tailors in this area, but just didn’t like the quality of the material or manufacturing, so when he had to go to Kathmandu for business, he set about his brother, Om and sister-in-law, Preeti to scout out good quality material and a good tailor to stitch them up. Since Om owns a tailor made suit shop, they found just the right person. It was no small order…35 track suits to be made in a couple of days, but the order was filled and the clothes arrived safely at the Peace Home.

Bhola ji told the children that they had a surprise coming and to gather all around. Then we set about laying all the clothes out by size and color (Red for girls; Blue for boys).

The kids watched and their confused faces turned to curiosity and then to smiles as the older ones went first to start trying them on for size!

It didn’t take long for the clothes to be snatched up as the boys started trying them on right then and there, but the girls choose to quickly grab them and run into their rooms to try them on in privacy. There was laughter as little ones grabbed way to big pants and vice versa…

As always bigger ones helped the littler ones and each other - rolling, tucking and making them fit!

and then posed pretty for the camera.

And then after the pretty came the PRETTY SILLY!

Once the final fitting was over and everyone had a new track suit on a photo shoot was arranged.(out of the 35 outfits, only the 2 biggest boys were without pants that fit – and a call was made to Kathmandu and the order was made for 2 more to be shipped ASAP).  Anyone who has ever tried to get a family photo knows this is not so easy of a feat…ESPECIALLY when your family consists of 35 children!

Everyone finally settled in as the cameras flashed away trying to get at least one photo where almost everyone was at attention. Aama (mother), Bhola and Jaya Yogi joined in and considering the task at hand, I think we got a couple of good ones!

And then a shot with Erin and I.

the day then resumed as normal, just a bit more colorful.

As darkness fell some had changed out of the clothes and I was assured that they loved the clothes, but they didn't want to dirty them, but others kept them on and continued to still proudly display their thankfulness.

The evening made way to night and as we all gathered in the prayer room for our nightly singing, storytelling and dancing – thanks was given all around as their gratitude was extended to the families and friends of Melinda Miss, to: Polly Madam, Eduardo Sir, Deanna Madam, Aama Carolyn Madam, Brenda Madam and family, and Sarah Madam and family who gave so generously and opened their hearts to vulnerable children they have never met and who lived ½ way around the world. Thanks was also extended to Chetna Miss, who showed them that not only do ‘foreigners’ care for them, but a beautiful Nepali young woman completed the donations by supporting her own country’s children.

The prayer session ended with a couple of the youngest ones, as usual, falling asleep; albeit a little more comfortable this night.

I want to extend my GREAT thanks to you all, I am so blessed to know and love so many kind hearted people!  Because of you all many little and not so little bodies and hearts are a bit warmer in the Nepal countryside.

PS - With the bundle of money left over from the clothes purchase, shoes and backpacks will be bought.  There should be enough for ALL the kids to get what they need.


chetu said...

A day when we met at peace studies in 2007, and how we exchanged our culture I still remember you patienly listensing to it, and here you are a dear part of a family, giving your full heart and soul to the children far away,which is your new home. I admire your devotion to the cause which you believe in with a smile in your face, and how easy you make it look..Thank you for doing what you doing...Hey, my next mission is Dang for sure...i have to go there..love you

sarahroche said...

So great to see what you did for them-what happy and deserving kids!

Kris said...

Melinda, it is great to see the kids in the new track suits. Hope you are doing well.