02 December, 2010

Sri Ram Ashram

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I spent my days at Sri Ram Ashram relishing in the simplicity of toddlers! I awoke, had chai and breakfast then proceeded to spend my mornings giggling, swinging, cooing, climbing, spinning and basically acting like a 2 year old – simply wonderful! Please meet some of my playmates!

We played so hard that one of the little ones fell asleep on the swing! Me and two other volunteers, Claire and Corrine were cracking up and carefully watching her to see if she would fall off, but she held tight as her head bobbed back and forth. Finally we released her and let her sleep in horizontal peace.

I was able to catch a couple of CrossFit sessions which they have bright and early (6:30AM) every morning. The students are amazing and the fitness program has helped some of them overcome physical disabilities and insecurity issues. It has also helped their language skills as the instruction is only in English.

I had such a good time with Claire, Corrine in Hardiwar when we went one day/evening. We walked along the Ganga river, ate a good Indian meal and caught a crazy rickshaw back to the Ashram.

I didn’t want to leave the next morning, but Delhi was beckoning so on Dec. 3rd, I taxi’d back into the city and caught a train to Delhi!

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