11 December, 2010

Morning on the Beach

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I awoke before the others and headed to the beach for some quiet time. While walking along, I thought there was a big ceremony, so I headed towards it. Up close I found out it was a huge gathering of marshal arts students and instructors. What a nice way to practice!

I continued to walk along just taking in the sights, too cold for me to swim, so I made do by walking on the water’s edge or exploring the shore.

I met up with Chetna and Arunima a little later in the day and we went exploring again. By that time the shore was covered in red spots, which I thought were flowers (blown off some trees nearby), but as I approached them, the flowers disappeared. Realizing that they were little crabs, we all tried to photograph them.

Patiently waiting keeping super still until they reappear…

I thought this shot was funny as Chetna waited paitently for some to come out of their holes in front of her, the ones behind started to resurface. (of course she tried to turn slowly to take their photo, but they quickly ducked back down.

We did manage to capture a couple of them on film.

We ate lunch in the hotel, washed up, packed up and headed out for our last train of the trip!!

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