06 December, 2010

JAIPUR - day 1

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Once arriving in Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, we splurged and got a room at the Umaid Bhawan Hotel - not just a room, though, a sweet suite!

Three of us per room, with adjoining balconies…well, technically not adjoining, but if you crawled through a small window and onto a ledge and then through another window you could get to the other room.
The windowed balcony proved to be a GREAT photo shoot!!

After unpacking and photo’s we headed to the shopping area of the city; which Jaipur is known for. The Rickshaw/Tempo/TukTuk or whichever name you prefer was loaded up with our 6 bodies (racing for the back seat like little kids!)

Our “Ferrari” vehicle drove us safely and quickly to the city

With the first stop at Ganesh Restaurant for some authentic Indian food FINALLY! The restaurant wan on the top of the ‘wall’ which surrounds the city. A very tiny place with one end as the open kitchen and the other the entrance.

The food that came out of that little kitchen space was AMAZING and the chef’s equally awesome!

Garlic Roti!!

And the rest of the food…awww, pure ”two thumbs up” heaven!!

Once there, we departed and commenced to shop!!! Jaipur is famous for their camel-leather shoes and beautiful fabric and carpets which we found shop after shop of.


After a full day of shopping we were famished so what better way to end a wonderful day, but dinner at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant!

We made the best of the luxury as the other hotel’s we will stay at are going to be of a lower standard and price…


ImmaculateMissConception said...

Hey where in Jaipur did you find the best shopping.. for textiles and shoes?

Melinda said...

I don't remember specific shops, but DO NOT get scammed into going to a drivers "special wholesale warehouse". The prices are higher and you are kind of held there until you purchase something. Stick to the main markets, go from one to another and bargain! Good Luck!

Hotel Lake Paradise said...
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