07 December, 2010

Goodbye Jaipur, hello AGRA!

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Saying goodbye to our suite and possibly our last really comfortable nights sleep, we headed out bright and early to the train station, catching a few snoozes on the way.

We only had one day in AGRA, leaving that evening, so we dropped our stuff off at a hotel renting a room for the day and headed to the Taj Mahal!

What visit wouldn’t be complete without a dorky tourist photo…

It was a really nice day out and tons of other tourists, but it was amazing and much bigger than I could imagine. What some people do for love! – If you don’t realize what I mean, check out why the Taj was built in the above link.

Leaving the Taj, we opted out of the Camel rides

and took a tempo to the Agra Fort – another day of high foreigner entry fees, but hey, it’s only once in a lifetime, huh? The Agra Fort is in the middle of the town (as is the Taj Mahal).

More splendid manicured gardens, and ornate buildings,

beautiful views,

And lots of monkeys!

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