08 December, 2010

Goodbye Agra, hello DELHI again.

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We hopped on a train back to Delhi (not sure why, but maybe we weren’t able to get a connection to Kolkata, so we went west to Delhi and then back East to Kolkata the next day…Actually when I say we hopped on a train, it really wasn’t that simple as the train was delayed and then delayed again. Gopal bought a game board (Chutes and Snakes?) from one of the shops and we passed the time playing it:

As you can see, I didn’t win!

We watched train after train come through and my ever childlike question “Is that our train?” I finally gave up asking figuring when our train finally arrives, they would let me know. We passed more time reading and drinking chai.

FINALLY the train arrived and we were able to board. We put on our packs and headed on board! – NOTE: What are friends for, but to carry another’s backpack…Chetna’s pack was practically bigger than she was and loaded down with all her beautiful gifts from Jaipur, so we traded…I got the bum end of the deal, though!

Bharati (with her 3 bags!) and Chetna (with my bag) and me (with Chetna’s bag)

We were on our way back to Delhi and arrived around midnight on the 8th, checked into our hotel and crashed…sleeping in a bit on the 9th, we shopped a little in Delhi

and then after a simply exhausting search for food; literally to the point that I was ready to eat at mcdonalds again (and it takes a lot to almost get to that point) we stumbled upon a great very clean restaurant tucked away down a side street. TWO THUMBS UP!!

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