03 December, 2010

DELHI – food nightmare!

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I met up with Chetna’s sister’s boyfriend (Rohim) in Delhi and relaxed at his flat until it was time to go to the airport to meet Chetna, who was flying from Kathmandu. After pacing in the airport for 2 hours! Waiting for her delayed flight to finally arrive she and Arunima finally arrived. We went back to Rohim’s flat to get my backpack and then headed to the Legend Hotel where we met up with the rest of our traveling gang, Gopal, Bharati and Joyti.

After unpacking in the hotel, we headed to a shopping center to look around and get something to eat. As we walked around the Golden Arches appeared (much to my dismay)! To further my repulsion, not only did we see a McDonalds, but they headed inside for dinner. I turned to Chetna and said “SERIOUSLY! Is this were we are going to eat dinner!!!” Yes, my worst nightmare was true, my first night in Delhi surrounded by deliciously spicy food, I was forced to eat in an American Fast Food chain. I realized that to the Nepali’s, eating at McDonalds is exotic. It’s like me going to DC and eating Indian food. I hadn’t had anything to eat all day, so I figured “do or die” and looked at the menu.

If I had to say anything good about the place, it was sparkling clean, modern looking and had many many vegetarian items on the menu. I chose some kind of a veggie spicy Indian wrap and shared Chetna’s (beef flavoring free) french fries. My new friends on the other hand relished in the (goat meat) burgers, fries, soda and hot fudge sunday’s for dessert. The one good thing I have to say is that about 2 hours later they were all saying that they (me included) didn’t feel good – it was a good thing because I was able to bring home my point that the food is GROSS!!!

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Chetna Bhandari said...

I really felt bad..But i believe its ok once in a while..thnk god we no longer had to stop by any of them throught out the whole trip..