04 December, 2010

DELHI – city in a day

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Bright and Early on the 4th we headed out (after our coffee of course!) to see some sights. We jumped on a ‘horse taxi’…

and was taken to our first destination, Red Fort. We didn’t go inside as my fellow travelers made it clear they were not ‘Museum people”, so we hung around long enough for photo op’s and went on our way to the next stop…

FOOD – We walked to get some food and this place seemed as good as any (I guess??)

Let’s see, so I go for price or size???

After eating a delicious portion of my vegetarian meal, with the cook’s approval, I snapped a couple shots of his roti making skills:

After the food, we found our way to the Metro (ladies only car!!)

Luckily the stops were in Roman letters not only Hindi!

Nest stop...The Bahai House of Worship. After seeing the VERY long line to get inside the place, we opted again to just take a few shots and move on…

To the Iskon Temple which was a short walk away. The temple had just closed for the day, so we walked around the grounds and then stopped in their bakery for some awesome organic – animal friendly sweet treats!

After filling our bellies we jumped into a motor rickshaw or ‘tempo’ and zoomed to…

Our final stop of the day,

Chandni Chowk shopping area. We looked around a bit and then tried to find Bati’s nephew and his friend who had earlier went to find a bathroom. This is what we looked upon while trying to see 2 black headed young men…

After waiting for Bati’s friend to call us so we could have dinner at his house, we somewhat impatiently waited on the street…and waited…and waited, while amusing ourselves by taking photo’s and pretending we are ‘street people’.

I snapped some photo’s of some cars who were obviously (and in India, presumably normally) going the wrong way on a clearly marked one way street. Never a dull moment!

We finally made it to the friend’s house around 7pm and we were STARVING as you can see from the looks of me in the photo!

Bati crushing the super hot pepper’s

The well-prepared, traditional (pork and chicken) meal was served right before I really truly was going to pass out from hunger a whopping 3 hours later…at 10PM! Luckily, there were 2 veggie dishes, so I didn’t die of starvation…

After our bellies were full, we headed back to the hotel to recharge for another day.

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