20 November, 2010

Volleyball...of sorts...

After school and chores, the boys started a volleyball game; I tried to join in, but the ball was so flat it was killing my hands and arms to hit it; plus I didn’t want to ‘show them up’, HA! Here’s some more memorable shots…unfortunately my camera is made to be rugged, not to take great photo’s (much to my demise). It works great in the sun, or with adequate light, but on a cloudy day or dusk, it’s just not up to par.

I then found out how they play so long…it’s more of a catch and throw kind of game…

I guess it gets a little boring just standing around waiting for the ball to be retrieved, huh, Dhiran?  The world sometimes looks better upsidedown!

The best part is as long as you have a ball, even one ½ flat and a bunch of flip flops, you can have a game of Volleyball!

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