06 November, 2010

Tihar – the COW!

The dawn of another day of celebrations!

The day before we made sure and hit the local market to buy sweets; from an overwhelming selection proudly displayed!

Focusing on the cow’s this time, Ole Bessie and her new sister, Bonnie, were greeted that morning with colorful tika blessings placed all over their hide.

Then in the same gastronomic fashion as the dogs, they were given special food to eat (finely ground grain).

As they lapped it up, the mother goat decided she wanted in on the feast; no doubt realizing there wasn’t going to be a “day of the goat”. She boldly shoved her way in pulling on her rope which was attached to the tractor; which moved with her intense pulling! She grabbed the edge of the basket and pulled it towards her causing Bonnie to fight back. After a little head butting match, Bonnie gave up and left her pull the basket completely away from the cows as the goat finished up their leftovers.

After the cows were given their due, the puja spread was laid out and the grounds around CPH were all cleaned up and natural handmade leaf garland strung about.

The rest of the day was relaxing and food abundant ending with another evening of candles and prayers.

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