07 November, 2010

TIHAR – Brother/Sister Day

A day to honor your brothers and sisters both family members and ‘Tika” brothers/sisters as well. A Tika sibling is one which you respect and honor as much (or more!) than your family sibling. On this day these bro’s and sis’ honor each other by giving blessings

and special colorful tika’s on the forehead.


Bhola and his brother Boldeb were honored by their sisters and vice versa

Then Sue and I each acquired 2 tika sisters (and Eli a brother).

As I proudly displayed my ‘stoplight’ Tika

In true Nepali style; what celebration would be complete without FOOD and LOTS of it!!

After the ceremony and food, we went visiting friends and enjoyed wonderful Chia and a short photoshoot. 

What a wonderful celebration of life and how to live it; love and how to give it!

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Deannahoxie said...

That is so cool! What are the bowls made of?