26 November, 2010

So here’s how things work for me…

worry not - want not...

I had Nepal visa issues upon arrival so instead of meeting Chetna in India on Dec. 3rd, I will to there on Nov. 28th when my one month Nepal visa expires. (when I return on Dec. 12th, I will be able to get my final last month visa of 2010). I didn’t know what to do in India for 6 days by myself…I briefly looked up places to visit and things to do and see, but nothing was jumping out at me. Like so many other decisions, I had confidence that something would come up and that whatever that something was, it was the right thing to do.

That something came in the form of a FaceBook post from my dear friend David. I met David in 1995 when I moved from Hawaii to Austin, TX. At the time, David worked at a gym called The Q and became my personal trainer and then a great friend. Years later David and his brother Michael started Tillman Therapy and run a CrossFit Program, Tillman Training in Cedar Park, TX.  Over the years the brothers physically trained me back onto the soccer field after a broken arm, numerous small injuries and 2 knee surgeries.

I had remarked to Erin about how I really had no idea what I was going to do in India…which was fast approaching. India is huge and the possibilities are endless! I was drawn to the western side as it’s close to where I am in Nepal and also close to Delhi where I will meet Chetna. When I logged into the computer the next day, low and behold there his post alerting me to a CrossFit exercise program at an orphanage in India . Knowing in my heart that it was where I should go, I looked it up on the map.

Yep, it was exactly where I was wanting to go! Within 2 hours I had received an email back from the Children’s Home welcoming me! Then I needed to figure out how to get there…When I mentioned it to Bhola, he said “Melinda why did you wait so long! There may not be any trains available.” I didn’t worry, “Things work for me” I told him. Which they did of course, Bhola found me a bus that will take me all the way across Nepal to the western tip in Mahendranagar (or something like that).  Once there, I will stay with some of his family there (a nephew’s wife’s mother) and the next morning (Nov. 28th) I will take another bus into India and on to Haridwar.

I am not taking my laptop with me, as I am traveling even lighter than usual...will try to send updates on the road, but if not - photo's and stories when I return!

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amar said...

Wow very interesting. Looking forward to read stories frm india.jai ho Melinda ji