04 November, 2010

Nepal once again!

After having a couple days in Kathmandu, Suzanne (Mother Sue), Eli (whom I met in the Indian Embassy while we were both trudging through the visa process), and Laxmi (a young girl from CPH who spent some of the holiday in Kathmandu with yet another Yogi brother, Om and his family.

Mother Sue preferred to take a car to Dang instead of the overcrowded bus, so Om found a driver to come from the town of Ghorahi drive to Kathmandu and bring us back. Luckily the vehicle was a large SUV instead of a tiny Nepali car. We became situated and started out bright and early; on the road by 5:30 am.

As the sun finally rose, the scenery became diverse as we drove and drove…Around 9 we stopped for tea and breakfast –hot chia, some potato fried things, and banana’s Sue bought at the little market. (Laxmi opted for a breakfast of potato chips!) 

When we passed the ‘typical’ Nepali mode of transportation, I was again thankful for the spacious vehicle we had the luxury to be in.

We stopped for lunch at a roadside cafe, stretched our legs, used the loo and had a small photo shoot.

Once again we boarded the SUV and drove on down the road and watched the landscape whiz by. I explained that the Terai region we had entered look a lot like Kansas – of course minus the mountains in the distance...

Some more photo’s during the long drive…as we were getting a little stir crazy some 7 hours into it!

Finally we made our last stop for gas about 30 minutes from CPH. The momentum was a bit livelier as we realized how close we were. Another photo shoot at the mustard seed fields which I find simply beautiful!

We arrived at CPH much earlier than expected having made the trip in a record 10 ½ hours and the place was deserted and everything locked up; only Ama came down to greet us. As so many have done here before she greeted me with the usual Namaste, but then upon recognition of who I was grabbed me for a hug. Ama was going on and on in Nepali – surely saying how I was the best volunteer they have ever had and how she had missed me so…or something like that, I’m sure… The driver must have called Bhola because he suddenly appeared from down the road and was astonished to see us there so early. He then called Jaya who had taken everyone into Ghorahi that day.
There are unfortunately only 3 children here at the moment, Sima, Nishan and Srijana, as the others were encouraged to visit their relatives for the holiday, but 3 is better than none and we were very happy to see each other again!

Mother Sue, Eli and I settled in, drank chia and just relished in the simplicity and quiet of Dang Valley.

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