19 November, 2010


The children are in LOVE with the crayons and coloring books I brought them. After attacking them like vultures they proceeded to color to their hearts content. The older ones even got in on it, but preferred some international Christmas book they found instead of the Hello Kitty pictures.

I also brought two different letter games, similar to scrabble which the older boys immediately went to work on before I could even explain the game rules. I decided to let them use their imagination instead and leave the rules for another day. They were able to use almost every letter creating a large diagram. Their creativity showed up when they started spelling the words backwards when they were running out of available letters.

The little ones spelled their names, made the alphabet over and over and then turned the letters into a matching game, turning over 2 tiles to find a match….they weren’t having much luck until I realized they had randomly split the letters, sharing them with some others. Once we separated 2 full alphabets giving them 2 of each letter, the game went much smoother!

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