17 November, 2010

CPH at last!!!

Ahhh, CPH is like a breath of fresh air after being in Kathmandu; actually it’s not only LIKE, it IS a breath of fresh air – unpolluted bliss!!. After traveling with Eli for a few days and being a ‘tourist’ there is nothing like the feeling of coming home. Home in this case is Dang and the Children’s Peace Home.

When Erin and I arrived last night the children were all there to greet us and as I gave hug after hug surprising myself at remembering their names, I was again struck by the feeling of being right where I am supposed to be. The love surrounding this place overwhelms you and pulls you in beyond your control.

This morning I awoke and went down the stairs and was greeted by 10 little faces screaming my name when they saw me approach. I was willingly pulled and pushed into the prayer room which doubles as a study room in the mornings. Books were shoved into my lap and every inch of my personal space was invaded as they all vied for my attention.

After the 2 hour morning study session (every morning from 7 – 9) I had more energy than could have imagined. I just can’t get enough of them! Of course I’ll be teaching again at the school….but even that isn’t so bad anymore…

“It’s good to be back!!”

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