20 October, 2010

The Wat

Every Saturday the Wat Opot kids clean up the Buddhist Temple adjacent to their home.  Everyone joins in (although some tend to watch more than actually help).  

After the clean up session outside, it’s time for the inside

It’s always nice to look your best while in the temple and Saon is no exception, sporting the paper headband he found laying on the floor.

The temple is colorfully painted from floor to ceiling

After all is spic and span clean the kids slowly make their way to a spot on the floor,

or a lap

and gather for chanting/prayer led by the head Monk with a short meditation following.

Anyone who says children can’t be quiet for 15 minutes should come to visit on Saturdays. Although there is the occasional ‘coughing relay’ mostly there is silence, giving the kids time to reflect on their life, the current day, their future, or what’s on the menu for dinner.

Even though I do not understand the words, their chanting moves me like no other.

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